NIOXIN isi largeste portofoliul de produse cu o linie de styling. Noua gama 3D Styling sustine procesul prin care parul se aranjeaza in mod natural, maximizand efectul si protejand sanatatea firului. Sunt produse ce integreaza tehnologii cu rol de marire in diametru a firului de par si de protectie a densitatii pentru a obtine o coafura cu un aspect mai bogat si mai des. Gama de styling de la NIOXIN integreaza doua tehnologii –  ProThick pentru lookuri mai bogate si dense si LightPlex pentru textura usoara si efecte flexibile. Produsele acopera toate nevoile de styling – fixare, texturare, netezire, protectie termica si finisare. Acestea pot fi utilizate atat independent, cat si apeland la diverse tehnici de mixare. Rezultatul este o coafura naturala, cu un aspect mai bogat si mai des.  Cauta-le in saloanele GETT’S!

Nioxin expands its product portfolio with a line of styling products. The new 3d styling range supports the natural process of hair naturally styled, maximizing and protecting its health. They are products that integrate technology with magnifying role in diameter and protective of hair density to get a hairstyle with a more rich and full look. Nioxin styling range integrates two technologies – ProThick for richer looks and LightPlex for easy texture and flexible effect. Styling products cover all the needs – fixing , texture, smoothing , thermal protection and finishing. They can be used both independently and mixed together, in different techniques. The result is a natural hairstyle with a fuller look. Find them in GETT’S salons!