Life choices cu Andreea Esca

Andreea Esca, cea mai longeviva prezentatoare de stiri din Romania, cu o cariera de peste 18 ani in domeniu televiziunii, director editorial al revistei The ONE dar si autoare a cartii „Ce-am facut cand am tacut” ne vorbeste despre alegerile din viata ei, atat personale cat si profesionale.

De-a lungul anilor ti-ai conturat un stil personal (ce include si o coafura emblematica). In ce masura a fost dictat de profesia ta si de mediul de televiziune?

Toata perioada liceului am avut parul foarte lung. Dupa, m-am tuns un pic, pentru ca se purtau acele bucle foarte mari. Iar cand m-am angajat in televiziune, adica la SOTI, aveam 19 ani si coafura de care va spuneam: lung si ondulat. Asa am ajuns si la cursurile pe care le-am urmat la CNN, in America, in 1994. Atunci, cineva de acolo mi-a sugerat ca pentru un program de stiri ar fi mai indicat sa-mi schimb stilul coafurii si eu am fost de acord. Asa ca am ajuns aproape la coafura de acum, lasandu-ma pe mainile unui hairstylist din New York in ‘94. (…..) Consider ca tipul coafurii mele este potrivit pentru ceea ce fac, ma reprezinta deja si este si oarecum simplu de intretinut (…)

Ce secrete de frumusete ti-a transmis mama ta, pe care doresti la randul tau sa le transmiti fiicei tale?

Mama mi-a zis ca trebuie sa stau dreapta, sa calc frumos si sa fiu vesela. Asa ii spun si eu Alexiei…


De ce ai ales sa treci si la radio si sa colaborezi cu Europa FM si cum ati ajuns la acest format de emisiune interviu?

Nu facusem radio si undeva in mine aveam aceasta curiozitate… Dar nu stiu daca as fi indraznit sa ma lansez in acest domeniu daca nu insista Stephane Bosc, directorul de programe al Grupului Lagardere. Nu-l cunosteam si m-am trezit cu un mail si apoi cu multe telefoane in care insista sa ne vedem. Cand l-am cunoscut, pasiunea lui pentru radio m-a convins. Apoi a urmat o alta intalnire cu Andrada Burdalescu, pe care o stiam de o viata, de la PROFm, si pe care o admiram foarte mult si m-am hotarat sa incerc. Eu am venit cu acest format pentru ca mi se pare ca imbina tot ce-am mai auzit eu prin lume si mi-a placut. Desigur ca venind din televiziune, am hotarat sa fie si prima emisiune de radio care sa se vada in timp ce se asculta… Iar acum, cand ma vad cu oameni care imi spun ca le place emisiunea foarte mult, care imi scriu despre asta sunt foarte mandra si fericita ca am avut curajul sa intru in aceasta lume complet noua pentru mine si ii multumesc sotului meu care “m-a impins” sa iau decizia corecta, spunandu-mi intruna ca interviurile acelea sunt de fapt viata mea (….)

Citeste interviul complet in revista GETT’S HIGHLIGHTS VARA 2015

Life choices with Andreea Esca

Andreea Esca, the longest newscaster in Romania, with a career of over 18 years in televisions, One magazine editorial director and author of the book “Ce-am facut cand am tacut” speaks about her life choices, both person and professional.

Over the years you’ve outlined a personal style (which includes the iconic hairstyle). To what extent was dictated by your profession and the work environment?

All high school I had very long hair. After, I cut it a bit, because they used to wore those very waves. And when I got hired in television, at SOTI, I was 19 years old and the hairstyle i was talking about, long and curly. So I arrived at the courses i followed at CNN, in America, back in 1994. Then there someone suggested to me that for a news presenter would be better to change my hairstyle and I agreed. So I got close to the hair i wear today, leaving me in the hands of a hairstylist from New York, in ’94. (… ..) I think my type of hair style is suitable for what I do, it suits me and it’s simple to maintain and somehow (…)

What beauty did your mother tell you, that you wish to pass on to your daughter?

My mom said I have to sit right, to walk nice and to be cheerful. I also say those things to Alexia …

Why did you choose to go and radio Europa FM and collaborate with and how you came to this interview show format?

I hadn’t done radio and somewhere in me I had this curiosity … But I do not know if I dared to launch in this area if it wasn’t for the insistence of Stephane Bosc, Program director of Lagardere Group. I didn’t know him and I received an email and then insisting calls asking to see him. When I met him, his passion for radio convinced me. Then came another meeting with Andrada Burdalescu that I knew of a lifetime, from ProFm, and I admire very much and I decided to give it a try. I came up with this format because it seems that combines everything I’ve heard through the world and I liked it. Of course coming from the television, I decided to be the first radio broadcast that you can see while listening … And now, when I see people who tell me they like the show very much, when they write me about it I’m very proud and happy that I had the courage to go into this whole new world for me and I thank my husband who “pushed me” to take the right decision, telling me that the interviews are actually my daily life (….)

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