David Bowie, never boring

Multe se pot afirma despre marele artist David Bowie, cel care a parasit aceasta lume la 69 de ani, pe 10 ianuarie 2016. Un excentric, un vizionar, un fashion icon care a inspirat lumea muzicii, a modei, carti si expozitii de arta, David a trecut prin toate etapele modei cu look-uri avangardiste, unice, emblematice. La fel a fost si parul sau, cel care s-a schimbat decada dupa decada, cunoscand multiple transformari din anii ‘70 si pana in prezent.
Coafurile sale de dandy, coama tepoasa aramie, creasta blonda perfect finisata, parul in culori electrice-toate au fost look-uri care au ghidat industria coafurii sa inventeze si reinventeze parul, pentru a nu mai fi niciodata plictisitor.
In galeria de mai jos, am ales si noi cele mai interesante look-uri ale sale, care au facut istorie.

David Bowie, never boring
Much can be said about the great artist David Bowie, who left this world at age 69, on January 10, 2016. An eccentric and a visionary man, a fashion icon who inspired worlds of music, fashion , books and exhibitions, David went through all the fashion looks with avantgarde uniqueness. So was his hair, changing decade after decade, going throw the multiple transformations from the ‘70s until now .
His dandy hairdos, bristly mane brass, perfect blonde finished crest, multi colored hair- all looks that guided the hairdressing industry to invent and reinvent hair to never being boring.
In the gallery below we have chosen his most interesting and iconic looks, that made ​​history .