McQueen, sarbatorit la Muzeul V&A

Geniul designerului Alexander McQueen este sarbatorit la Muzeul V&A din Londra, in perioada 14 martie-2 august 2015.

Emotia intensa a fost una dintre trasaturile prezentarilor lui Alexander McQueen-ii placea ca publicul sa intre in acea stare, sa fie captivat de jocul sau de creatie si juxtapunerile sale. “Asemeni multor artisti, regasesc frumusetea in grotesc. Trebuie sa fortez publicul sa priveasca aceste lucruri…” un citat care ne intriga, daca luam in considerare faptul ca colectiile sale reflectau deseori relatii paradoxale precum viata si moartea, lumina si intunericul, melancolia si frumusetea. Expozitia este intituala “Savage Beauty” si organizata de Costume Institute. A intrat in top 10 al celor mai vizitate expozitii ale Muzeului. Prezentarea oferita de V&A Museum este prima si cea mai importanta retrospectiva a colectiilor designerului care au fost prezentate in Europa. De la prima sa colectie de proaspat absolvent din 1992 pana la ultima sa colectie AW10 ramasa neterminata, expozitia arata publicului ceea ce este unanim acceptat ca fiind obiectul muncii sale de creatie. Uimitoarele piese sunt puse in valoare de un décor impozant care contribuie la un sentiment de spectacol, atat de sinonim cu prezentarile lui McQueen.

McQueen, celebrated the V & A Museum

The design genius of Alexander McQueen is staged at London’s V&A from14 March till 2 August 2015.

motional intensity has frequently been the trademark of Alexander McQueen’s runway presentations – he

liked the observer to be drawn in, then captivated by the interplay and juxtaposition of his creation Like most artists, I find beauty in the grotesque. I have to force people to look at things…” An intriguiging quotation when you consider that many of his collections often reflected paradoxical relationships such as life and death, lightness and darkness, melancholy and beauty. this exhibition

is entitled Savage Beauty and was organised by the Costume Institute. It became one of the museum’s top 10 most visited exhibitions. The V&A presentation is the first and largest retrospective collection

of the late designer’s work to be presented in Europe. Spanning the entire period from his 1992 MA graduate collection through to his unfinished AW10 collection, this exhibition beautifully showcases what is widely accepted as being his most visionary body of work. The stunning designs are presented with the dramatic staging which contribute toward the remarkable over-all sense of spectacle that was so synonymous with McQueen’s runway shows.